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Hans Christian Anderson put it thus, “To travel is to live”. Travelling can change your life and become a part of your very existence. Travelling is no doubt exciting and fulfilling, but at the same time it is challenging too.


One of the challenges happens to be the expenses. But fret not! There are several ways to overcome this challenge. Personal loan for travel is one way to finance the wanderlust in you. If the idea inspires you, then read on to know more about it.


Though the world is becoming a smaller place, thanks to numerous factors, an international vacation is still an expensive affair. From flight tickets and hotel stays to sightseeing and food, travelling can set you back hugely in terms of finances. Unless you have saved up exclusively for the purpose of travelling, managing expenses with your savings is not a cakewalk. That is where travel loan in India can help you out. But you have to meticulously plan so as to make the whole exercise worthwhile and keep the budget under control. We can help you with some tips:


  • Choice of destination: Since you plan to finance your travel by means of a travel loan in India, choose a destination that is within your budget for accommodation, travel and food. You definitely wouldn’t want to blow up your expenses beyond your means and then regret it.

  • Meticulous research: Find out everything you can about your destination with the help of online search or asking others who have been there. You can even approach a travel agent to help you out. Check out ticket fares, currency rate, hotel expenses, transportation charges and diligently plan to account for every expense you expect during your travel.

  • Draw a budget: Use your research information to come up with an estimated budget. Check the amount you can spare from your savings, so you can plan the amount of the personal loan for travel that you will need to apply. It is wise to add a buffer of about 20% to your estimated budget as the actual expenses are always more than the estimates.

  • Apply for a personal loan for travel: Once you have all the details in place, applying for a travel loan in India should not be quite difficult. Visit Nitstone Finserv, submit your online loan application along with the necessary documents such as bank statements, PAN, Aadhaar and more. After suitable investigation and processing, Nitstone Finserv will disburse the amount and you can begin the process of turning your dream into reality.        

If you have any other questions regarding our personal loans, contact us right away.

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