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Consumer Durable Loan Overview

Digital Product

Buying Digital product is now made easy. Why pay all at once to buy latest gadgets, buy the best of products and pay the total cost in simple installments without worrying about interest, use our Nitstone Finserv EMI card.

Shop on E-commerce

Online Shopping made easy with Nitstone Finserv EMI card. Enjoy the benefits while you shop online with zero down payments.

Lifestyle Finance

Shopping on Lifestyle Finance helps you cross the fine line between necessity and luxury with ease. Buy the best of products and pay the total cost in simple instalments without worrying about interest.

Durable Finance

We understand your need for luxury and encourage you to never settle for anything but to settle for the best. We also realize it’s not possible always to have a cash/ credit surplus, with Nitstone Finserv EMI card we encourage you without worrying about interest.

Benefits & Features

EMI Card

It’s the easiest way to buy consumer products and with range of option for you to choose.

Instant and on-the-spot approval

You don't have to visit any branch or wait for days to get your loan approved. Through our in-store representatives present in the partner stores, you can get instant approval in 5 minutes.

Minimal documentation

Existing EMI card holders need not provide any documents, as your as your EMI card carries all the necessary documents that are required.

Preapproved offers

As existing customer, you get exclusive pre-approved offers from time to time, across a host of our partner retailers and manufacturers.

Part pre-payment facility

There are times when you may have some extra cash in hand, you can then choose to pre-pay a part of your loan amount which would not only reduce your overall tenor/EMIs but also help you close your loan quickly.

Loan Amount: With Nitstone Finserv EMI card you’re eligible

- Loan amount up to Rs 5 Lacks for Durable products.
- Loan amount up to Rs 3 Lacks for Lifestyle finance.
- Loan amount up to Rs 1 Lack for Digital Product.
- Loan amount up to Rs 1 Lack for Shop on E-commerce.

Eligibility & Documents


  • You are a self-employed professional with a regular source of income and between 21 years and 60 years of age.

Documents required:

To apply for Durable Finance from Nitstone Finserv, the following documents will be required

  • Photo id proof
  • Address proof
  • One cancelled cheque in case of ECS
  • Credit program specific documents (Any one of the following)
    • Photocopy of the front side of credit card
    • Employee ID proof & visiting card
    • Photocopy of RC book (not applicable for vehicles registered after 2004 & commercial cars)
    • Nitstone Finserv existing loan repayment loan account number / schedule (subject 18 months old)
    • Any other NBFC / Bank repayment schedule
    • Latest salary slip/ Bank Statement of Income account.

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How to Apply

Step 1

Click on Apply to go to our online form. Fill in detail and submit the form.

Step 2

Get an instant approval. Select your required loan amount and tenure.

Step 3

Our representative will get in touch to collect your documents.

Step 4

Amount will be credited to your account.

Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges

Product Category Processing Fees
Digital products Rs. 749/-
Furniture Rs. 749/-
Kitchen Rs. 999/-
Panels (LCD/LED/Plasma) Rs. 649/-
Appliances (Refrigerator/Air Conditioner/Micro wave oven/ Washing Machine/Others) Rs. 549/-