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Get Quick & Easy Personal Loan Online in Bangalore at Nitstone Finserv. Apply for instant personal loan in Bangalore with hassle free procedure that too at lowest possible interest rate. Check your eligibility, Calculate EMI and apply personal loan at Nitstone.

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Personal Loan Overview


The most memorable celebration ever. Everyone knows that Indian weddings can be an expensive affair. It doesn’t matter what your initial budget is, you’ll always end up spending a little more to make your special day a memorable one. We understand why weddings need to be perfect, which is why we offer a Personal Loan with quick online approval, fast disbursal and low interest rate.


Travelling that you just can’t resist? Some do it for the memories, some for the adventure, sometimes you want to slow down from your fast paced life or maybe just get to know yourself better. To travel is to live. But travelling needs time and most importantly money. While the 1st part is in your hands, with Nitstone Finserv Personal loans you need not worry anymore about the expenses of your trip.


Only thing that comes in between the best medical treatment for you and your family is access to quick funds. Be it a medical emergency or healthcare needs, there's no need to think twice now, because with Nitstone Finserv Personal Loan for Medical Emergency, you will never have to worry about financing your and your family’s health care needs any more.


You probably dream about a makeover of your home, something that’ll change how you live. A pool in the backyard, a hammock bed, a gaming room or even a theatre of your own; there’s no limit to how you can create magic with clever modern designs and ideas to refresh your home. Why not today? Today is when we have one of the best home renovation and repair loan tailor-made to suit your needs.

Benefits & Features

Instant online Approval

Get 100% end-to-end online Personal Loan solutions, which include information and assistance for Personal Loan eligibility criteria and documents, application to approval and disbursal. By opting for a Personal Loan from Nitstone Finserv you can get instant approval in 5 minutes and disbursal in your bank within 72 hours, through our online facility. All you need to do is fill an online form and check your Personal Loan eligibility online. Once approved, a Nitstone Finserv representative will get in touch with you and collect the documents required for Personal Loan.

Get Funds in 72 Hours in Bank

We ensure as a standard that funds are at your disposal within 72 hours of the Personal Loan approval. This is the fastest turnaround time by any NBFC in India.

Loan up to Rs.25 Lakh

You can apply for a Personal Loan online from Nitstone Finserv up to Rs.25 lakh and repay it at your ease by opting for tenures ranging from 24 months to 60 months.You can also use the Personal Loan EMI calculator to know how much EMI you will have to pay for your Personal Loan.

Online Account Access

Once you’ve availed a Personal Loan from Nitstone Finserv, you can get all information about your Personal Loan like payment schedule, interest certificate, repayment track and key information related to your loans through our digital customer portal.

Pre-approved Offers

As an existing customer of Nitstone Finserv, you will be eligible to get exclusive pre-approved offers for Personal Loan from us.

Flexi Loans

Flexi loan account is a facility extended by Nitstone Finserv. The advantage of the product is that you can pre-pay and drawdown money within the drop-line facility using a self-service process, which is easy and hassle-free. Once you avail the flexi facility, you stand to benefit by saving interest cost by pre-paying any additional / idle funds that you may have, without any interest being levied on the part-paid amount.

Eligibility & Documents

  • Financials: Salary slips of last two months. 
  • Bank Statements: Salary account bank statement of last three months.
  • Employment Proof: Employee ID Card.
  • Identity Proof: Passport/ Voters ID/ Driving License/ PAN Card
  • Address Proof: Passport/ Driving License/ Ration Card/ Letter from employer (with HR/Admin undersigned)/ Latest mobile bill

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How to Apply

Step 1

Click on Apply to go to our online form. Fill in detail and submit the form.

Step 2

Get an instant approval. Select your required loan amount and tenure.

Step 3

Our representative will get in touch to collect your documents.

Step 4

Amount will be credited to your account.

Fees & Charges

 For instant loan approvals online of upto INR 25 lakh

Types of fees

Charges applicable

Interest Rate

12 % to 18 %

EMI Bounce Charges

INR 500 for every bounce

Processing Fee

1 % to 2 % on Loan Amount

Penal Interest

2 % p.m.

Part Prepayment 

1 % on paid part payment amount

Foreclosure Charge

1 % on principal outstanding
  • Foreclosure: charges will be applicable on the current principal outstanding.
  • Part payment made should be more than 1 EMI.