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Things you should know when you apply for a business loan in Bangalore

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Want to start a new business or expand your current business? if you are looking for funds, your best option would be to apply for a quick business loan. Each financial institution has its own set of rules, regulations and criteria for awarding a business loan. You need to do a careful analysis and a detailed comparison of the EMI details, interest, payback options and more of different lenders before you approach the financial institution. Nitstone Finserve offers business loans for both small and large companies in Bangalore.

What are the various types of business loans?

The types of loans for business offered at Nitstone Finserve are:

  • Secured business loan
  • Unsecured business loan

Eligibility criteria for applying for a quick business loan in Nitstone Finserve

Nitstone Finserve offers business loans for:

  • Partnership or Proprietorship Firms
  • Limited or Private Limited Companies
  • Self-employed persons/Entrepreneurs
  • Chartered Accountants

What is the process for applying for a business loan in Nitstone Finserve?

We have a simple and easy loan application process. You can apply for your loan online and don’t have to be worried about multiple follow ups unlike other lenders. Once you send your application to us, we will assist you every step of the way.

4 steps to apply for loan

  1. Fill in the details on our online form and submit the details to us
  2. Select loan amount and tenure
  3. Talk to our representative who will call you. The representative will tell you the details and give list of documents to be submitted for verification
  4. Once verification is complete, loan will be approved

Tips to remember

When you are applying for business loan, here are some secret tips to help you get the best deal:

  • Check if there are any charges you may incur while applying for the loan
  • Check if there are any foreclosure charges and if so, how much
  • Is the interest fixed or floating?
  • What are the modes of repayment?
  • In case, you are applying for a secured loan, have detailed information about the assets that are you are mortgaging
  • How will your CIBIL score affect the loan amount and tenure?

Nitstone Finserve can help you get business loan in Bangalore with minimum hassle and fuss. Contact us to know about the details of the business loans and to check your eligibility for the loan.

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