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How to Plan Your Wedding Budget?

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the pressure that brings with it can be overwhelming. An Indian wedding is a grand spectacle that can burn a huge hole in your pocket. Knowing how to plan your wedding budget is crucial to having a dream wedding that is stress-free. Here are a few tips to plan your wedding budget: 


1.  Decide Your Venue

Whether you choose to have a destination wedding or pick a location that is closer home, deciding a venue several months in advance can help save you a lot of money. If you are in a financial crunch, choose a venue that is in your city as it will help save on transportation and rental costs for hotels.  


2.  Create a Guest List

While it may seem enticing to invite every single person you have ever known to your wedding, keeping the guest list to a minimum makes more financial sense. Prioritise the people in your life and cut down your guest list to only include your closest family, friends and colleagues. 


3.  Plan Everything in Advance

Getting your priorities straight is essential to having everything in order on your big day. Make sure you book your photographers, caterers and decorators well in advance as it can bring down the costs. Try to avoid any last-minute changes as they will impact your budget. 


4.  Choose Your Catering Carefully

Food is often the most important aspect of the wedding for most guests. Allocate a significant portion of your budget for the catering as skimping on food might be an unwise decision. Make sure that you try and test all of the dishes offered by the caterer for quality control and taste. 


5.  Plan Your Honeymoon Wisely

Taking a personal loan for travel for your honeymoon is the perfect way for you to go to your dream destination without any cash crunch. If you are the kind of couple that likes exploring rather than lounging about, it is better to stay in a resort or hotel that is reasonable and comfortable rather than premium and luxurious.


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