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Easy Way To Finance Your Dream Wedding

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Personal Loans are a great way to cover your expenses for occasions where money shouldn’t be a limiting factor. No matter what it costs, there are no compromises for something as momentous as a wedding. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t think twice before you avail of a Personal Loan for wedding.

Why is Wedding Loan Necessary?

A typical wedding nowadays is quite a fancy affair. Apart from the usual decor and food you now have swanky dessert bars and photo booths which add that much needed ‘wow factor’ to keep the guests entertained. A new trend that’s on the rise is a themed wedding, which is usually accompanied by heavy decoration and costume bills.

That’s not the end of your wedding expenditure though; you still need to meet the regular costs of a wedding, like the catering service, decorations, entertainment, the ceremonial rings or mangalsutra, photography and a dazzling set of clothes. All of these can take a heavy toll on your pocket, and this is why there’s a need for a financial cushion, namely a Personal Loan, for wedding expenses.

In fact, many expenses aren’t immediately apparent – most families realize too late that weddings can cost almost twice the planned budget! You’ll also have to put money aside for post-wedding expenses like honeymoons and housing for the newly-wedded couple. But there’s no need to worry, with a wedding loan you can take care of all these expenses and comfortably pay it back every month.

As simple as saying ‘I do’

Since the eligibility criteria of Personal Loans aren’t very strict, they are the primary choice when it comes to managing wedding expenses. Multiple companies provide Personal Loans, so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a Personal Loan for son’s wedding or a Personal Loan for daughter’s wedding – there is always a good choice. For instance, Bajaj Finserv, a leading Non-Banking Financial Company, offers loans up to amounts of INR 25 lakh, with great features such as 5 minute online approval and a record-setting turnaround period of 72 hours. All these options make it perfect for that quick injection of funds you need to smooth over expenses during your family’s time of joy. Just ensure that you choose the right lender, based on the conditions and features of the loan.

How can I get a Wedding Loan?

Any salaried employee earning a monthly income of at least Rs.18,000 at a registered organization can get a Personal Loan quite easily.

You could apply for a wedding loan online with NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv who offer Personal Loans of up to Rs.25 lakhs. Another option that you can explore is going for a joint loan with either your spouse or your parents.

If you are a parent who is now retired and wants to take a loan for your child’s wedding, you may do so against your pension. Senior citizens are permitted to take loans of up to Rs.5 lakh until the age of 70.

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